Tooy, Made In Italy luminaries of character

Young and dynamic Italian brand of Gibas group, Tooy stands out on the decorative lighting market by its elegance and originality. Corrado Dotti, artistic director of Tooy, has impressed the brand in a unique style thanks to its imagination, revealed by the variety of materials, shapes and colors used. Tooy creates innovative products, as opposed to any conventional form. Taking advantage of a family history, Tooy looks to the future as a designer of a completely new design that breaks traditional codes. Its ambition is to meet the needs of users by providing tailored, customized and optimal solutions. Tooy uses the best technologies to make unusual lighting, but does so while working on the adaptability of its objects to environmental constraints to preserve our planet.

In order to create atmospheres that suits you and to offer customized products to its customers, including great interior designers are part of it, Tooy offers several options of finishes and dimensions for each of its models.

Tooy luminaires also have the distinction of going far beyond a simple lighting fixture, and are therefore multifunctional.

By combining technical, industrial, commercial and aesthetic skills, Tooy is born and live the light through collections meticulously designed to be as beautiful as functional. And since nothing must be left to chance, the brand pays particular attention to the details of each of his creations.

Collections with remarkable design

Each Tooy collection is available in several types of lighting : suspensions, chandeliers, table lamps, bedside lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces, ceiling lamps.

Our favorites :

  • Nabila : inspired by the 50s, this collection is, like Tooy, sophisticated and chic thanks to the subtle mix of glass, metal and brass.

  • Filipa : inspired by classic Chinese lanterns, the Filipa collection consists of a two-dimensional metal structure with a glass diffuser and an LED light source.

  • Muse : collection made of neo vintage metal lamps with glass diffuser, polished brass and brilliant copper.

  • Legier : a collection inspired by the city of Murano, with an exceptional look with diffuser in glass, copper and brass.

Dozens of furniture and decorative projects

Tooy collaborates with various professionals from the decoration and interior furnishing sector in various international projects, all very successful.

Among them are the Burdigala Hotel (Bordeaux, France), the publishing house Agis Literatur (Ulm, Germany), the Salzburg Airport (Austria) and the Neptun Hotel (Rostock, Germany). Chiara Ferragni, number one influencer in Italy, blogger and stylist, has trusted Tooy to equip her home with lighting.