Corrie Williamson

Corrie Williamson

Corrie Williamson, talented creator of design objects

Based in London, Corrie Williamson designs and manufactures jewelry and interior items. Her creations are easily recognizable by his style: elegant geometric shapes, sculptural and minimalist sublimated by neutral colors delicate.

Her work is daring, precious and thorough. She thinks that an object must be thought in its entirety but realized with a sense of detail.

At trade fairs and festivals, such as the London Design Festival last September, Corrie Williamson is making a splash by grabbing the attention of visitors with her range of jewelry, ranging from earrings to rings to moving ceilings. These are described by the young designer as “jewels for the home”.

Works influenced by the Bauhaus

Launched and monitored in the first half of the 20th century, the Bauhaus is a movement of architects, craftsmen and artists, having left a strong legacy in areas such as art and design. This school, of which the young designer Corrie Williamson is strongly impregnated, revolves around several principles:

  • Raw materials should be privileged to reflect the true essence of objects

  • The style must be modern and minimalist, favoring straight lines and geometric shapes

  • Art and technology must only form one, to offer the best finished parts possible, and to present a high quality of manufacture

London furnitures that give character to your spaces

The suspended furnitures of Corrie Williamson, true "jewels for the house", dress up your spaces, give them this small supplement of soul while remaining in the simplicity and the sobriety.

Handcrafted from workshop scraps, they are made of materials such as wood, plexiglass or melamine.

The furnitures are multifunctional: they can very well be used to decorate a room, as to be transformed into something functional, for example lightings. They are also light and easy to hang.