Roll & Hill

Roll & Hill


Founded in 2010 by Jason Miller, and based at Sunset Park (Brooklyn), the company Roll & Hill collaborate with talented and passionate independent designers to develop lighting collections simply gorgeous. Few years later, Roll and Hill became a reference in term of design, a real motor for the recognition of creative landscape of the famous New York’ neighborhood.

The brand is commit to produce on demand, which allow the personalization of each piece regarding needs, desires and tastes of each customer. Roll and Hill lighting are composed with a wide choice of materials : brass, bronze, leather, wood, hand knotted rope and blown-glass. To reach a flawless level of quality, the studio choose local suppliers, less than 3 hours ride, and then handmade assemble every lighting. 

The designers of Roll & Hill often associate historic elements to contemporary shapes to create light as traditional as innovative. 


The designers of the brand have a common point : they don’t satisfy themselves with the minimum, they constantly break codes, go further in the search process of new designs. They cultivate the sense of details, produce imperfect perfect pieces. Their inspirations and creativity allow them to design unique pieces.

But the style of each designer of the brand is very different. It’s what make the strength of Roll & Hill : a rich collection, diverse but which stays coherent.

Here a little selection of Roll & Hill designers.


Founder of Roll & Hill, born in New York raised in Connecticut, his education strongly influenced his first conceptual creations and continue to influence the elegant and richly historic works that became his signature. His draws still reflect his young concerns, but each object is functional, and endow a kind of soul beauty.


The young designer inspired herself by different ways of thinking and create to design relationship between elements that usually are disparates. Her works arouse immediate sensual reaction and an appreciation more gradual from a wider aesthetic concept. Also based in Brooklyn, her studio focus on lighting designs and on personalized projects. She been highlighted in Architectural Digest, New York Times, Elle Décor et Dwell.


Born in Ohio , Paul Loebach comes from a long family line of German carpentry. After been graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 2002, he moved in New York and created his own design studio. He’s specialized in wood furnitures and emerging manufacture technologies.


Lindsey lives and works in her hometown New York. She’s specialized in lighting design since 1996. The lighting collections are based on the development of industrial modular systems in order to catch the ephemeral and fleeting beauty of nature. She’s seduced by the intangible substance of light, she’s obsessed by the creation of shapes that maximize the sensual effect of the light and which highlight emptiness. Her creations have been notably exhibited at the National museum of design Cooper-Hewitt, at the Design Miami, the Nilufar gallery and at the BDDW. 


Founded by Dylan Davis and Jean Lee in 2010, based in Brooklyn and with varied activities, the creations of Ladies and Gentlemen associate curiosity and desire to find unexpected combinations, between materials and functionality. The result : rare and elegant purity. Their open minded and multidisciplinary  approach of product design a gather of ideas and constant evolution, inspired by their diverse experiences and their daily discovery.