Designers selection / Dubai Design Week

Designers selection / Dubai Design Week

The Dubai Design Week is this week !

During 6 frenetic days, hundreds of designers from all over the world who made the trip for this international known and renowned festival gather congregate to exchange on their relative projects, talk about innovation, trends, and meet passionated, amateurs and professionals. Agenda : exhibitions, conference and workshops around themes all more interesting than the others.

Our selection of designers-exhibitors

Discover the talents of designers that we selected and who’ll be present during this inescapable yearly event.

Marset, more than a simple lightings story

Avec Marset, il ne s’agit pas que de lampes, mais de solutions d’éclairage clés en main avec toutes les nuances que cela implique. Son but est de créer des atmosphères de caractère et d’améliorer le quotidien des utilisateurs. Les luminaires de la marque sont pensés de manière intelligente, et ont pour vocation de faire voyager les personnes qui les contemplent. Marset créé des éclairages raffinés, contemporains et authentiques.

Bolia, fundamentally different scandinavian furniture

«  The perfection isn't a look, it’s a feeling »

Bolia doesn’t do in the classic and the traditional. The brand places creativity at the heart of its activity. The designers of the team make furniture with their soul to create unique pieces full of personality and love. Bolia likes to tell stories to its clients through its handcrafted works, which guarantees the quality of the furniture. Finally, the brand works with European suppliers and favors the most beautiful and solid materials (solid wood, wool, metal, concrete, resin, marble, leather).

Gandia Blasco, garden furniture and luxury terrace

At the end of the 80's, José Gandia Blasco reinvents a family business created decades ago. The company takes the risk to bet on a contemporary design within an industry at this time still very traditional. But it's a winning bet for the brand, which knows a huge success. Handmade with an identity of its own, the furniture of the brand invite reflection on lifestyles, relationships between people and objects, and the role of design in the configuration of today world.

Artemide, world leader in the light industry

Founded in 1960 by Ernesto Gismondi, the Italian group Artemide manufactures indoor and outdoor lighting and participates in innovative projects with leading architects. Artemide iconstantly experiments the lighting concept and place technology and respect for the environment at the heart of its concerns. The large catalogue of the brand allows to sublimate with brightness any type of space , private or professional. Artemide collaborates with the best designers and has been rewarded at its fair value through several awards.

Offecct, contemporary interiors creators

Offecct manufactures furniture with original design, authentic quality and customized solutions. Because the resources of our planet are not infinite, the brand does its maximum to minimize its impact on the environment. Its ambition is to create a sustainable life cycle for all her creations. Choice of materials, production technology, method of delivery ... Nothing is left to chance to contribute to a viable society.