Yield design

Yield design


Andrew Deming and Rachel Gant, two passionate of architecture and decoration, meet at the California College of the Arts. A few years later, in San Francisco in 2012, they founded Yield Design, a furniture and accessories design and manufacturing studio based today in Saint Augustine, Florida.


It is thanks to a craftsmanship and a modern style that is unique to it that the brand stands out from the others. Yield Design is a bold and ambitious brand, using noble materials, and working forms and lines to give a minimalist aesthetic to his creations. And since beauty, sustainability, and ethics are not incompatible, it's the combination of the three that makes Yield Design's value, strength, and success.

Quality, sobriety and robustness, these are the characteristics of each object signed by the brand. The latter also combines functionality with elegance, luxury and accessibility.

Yield Design furnishes commercial and residential spaces around the world, and has appeared in numerous publications such as the New York Times, the Dwell, the Sunset and the SF Chronicle.


Yield design offers a multitude of products for the decoration and decoration of a home or a professional space. Offices, dining rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, Yield design creations blend perfectly into any type of decor.

The range of the brand is very varied: dining tables, side tables, various decorative objects, mirrors, vases, planters, and even candles.

Here are some of our favorites:

  • The mirror "Day". A true master piece that will sublimate any room, this 90cm diameter mirror is suspended in a solid oak frame. It also serves as a shelf where you can easily store books, expose plants and flowers, or reveal various decorative elements.

  • The coffee table "Duotone circular". This 92cm diameter coffee table is made from solid brass, tempered glass and solid surface mosaic. It is the subtle blend of colors and materials that gives this work a unique look. A stylish minimal style design that makes a splash.

  • The planter "Spun". This 40cm diameter copper planter is totally innovative since it has a self-watering function. It contains a 4cm tank, separated from the main body by a perforated aluminum disc. The tank keeps stagnant water separated from the soil, preventing root rot.