Glass, an interior design trend

Glass, an interior design trend

Glass exposes your interiors

Mysterious and romantic, transparency is one of 2019's major trends in interior decoration and furnishing. It goes as well with cozy Scandinavian atmospheres as with more rock or colorful styles.

And what's better than glass to sublimate this trend?

At once elegant, delicate, and luxurious, it is a material that young designers love to transform to design ever more innovative pieces. Once selected and worked, the glass becomes solid, brilliant, easy to clean, and can be easily colored.

Available in light fixtures, furniture, or accessories, glass makes its effect! Smooth, textured, clear, extra-clear, frosted, sandblasted, chiseled, ribbed, tempered, laminated, in a kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom ... glass makes your spaces modern, authentic and elegant.

Let's go over glass in all its forms!

Crystalline luminaires

Voluminous or slender, the glass lamp cultivates the sense of detail and exposes the bulb. The glass perfectly reflects the light while giving an air character to the room in which it is placed.

A glass luminaire is particularly interesting in a small space for more lightness. Mirror effects, brightness, brightness and transparency, its special texture allows the diffused light to be soft and soothing.

Suspended, applied, floor lamp, table lamp, table lamp ... the glass lighting gives an art-deco style sculptural aspects that is a sensation!


With an ultra design, chic, and contemporary look, glass furniture seduces!

They are ideal for reviving a classic decor and giving a timeless character to a sleek design style. Combined with wooden or metal details, they reveal the immense potential of glass.

And it is not the choice that is missing! The must-have of glass furniture is of course the table: to eat, bass, extra, console... there is something for all tastes and all needs.

Luminescent accessories

If you want more discretion and wisdom, opt for glass in minimalist and minimalist decorative objects. The glass touch brings lightning, finesse and fantasy to your living rooms!

Tableware, vase, mirror... The designers redouble their imagination to design glass collections both sober and surprising.

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