Centuries of glassmaker tradition

Founded in 2012 and based in Czech Republic, the design studio Bomma design and manufacture high range lighting. The brand, which produces 6 tons of refined extra-clear crystal every day, benefits from an exceptional heritage and works with the best master glassmakers to develop lighting as beautiful as innovative and functional.

The company meets all the conditions and engages huge resources so that the artists are able to exploit their full potential. A Bomma lighting is the fusion of modernity, craft and technology. A design that can be defined as contemporary, pure and delicate. 

Pieces that come alive thanks to an unparalleled know-how. Treasures that bring out the essence of each space reflected by their particular shapes and luminosity.

Collections refined and full of emotions

In addition of being beautiful and of high quality, Bomma lighting make sense. Each has their own story and tells it in a subtle and elegant way.

Deliciously simple shapes and aerial (circle, triangle, rectangle, oval) combined with a timeless glass, both solid and valuable.

Selected lighting for great architecture and interior decoration projects

Lighting devices signed Bomma already make noise all over the world. In just a few years of existence, the studio has already been rewarded many times.

The best decorators and architects call on Bomma to highlight their most beautiful spaces. Baroque, industrial, modern, Scandinavian, pop, tropical, art nouveau, ethnic, vintage, public space or private ? Bomma lightings perfectly fit in any kind of decoration style and any kind of architecture type  ! 

And the least that we can say is that a success.