Interview with Ricardo Innecco and Mariana Ramos / Rain

Interview with Ricardo Innecco and Mariana Ramos / Rain

She is a product designer and he is an architect.

Both born and graduated in Brasilia, Mariana Ramos and Ricardo Innecco moved to Sao Paulo in 2012 and started working with important local architects and design studios. Few years later, in 2015, they founded their own studio under the name RAIN.

Their work have been worldwide published in medias such as Casa Vogue, Folha de São Paulo, Dezeen, Designboom, Disegno, Sight Unseen, Architectural Digest, Deco Journal China, Milk Magazine, Ignant. In 2018 the electronic magazine Dezeen chose them as one of the « five emerging Brazilian designers to keep an eye on ».

We had the chance to meet Mariana and Ricardo in their studio during our Brazilian trip. The brilliant duo of designers answers our questions!

RAIN is a young design studio that is growing exponentially. Tell us your story!

After some years of experience we started to think about doing something by ourselves. We started by designing small products for design contests, we won one of them and our first piece was produced by a new design brand.

At this time, we were thinking about start working together in design. In 2014 we went to Domaine de Boisbuchet in France to attend a workshop with dutch designer Maarten Baas. That experience was really important for us because it was when we decided to start our own studio.

It was when RAIN were born. RAIN is the beginning of our last names (RAmos and INnecco). At the beginning we were interested by conceptual projects, approaching design without  being necessarily functional. Our projects Babel and Broken Table are very representative of our first steps.

One year of RAIN later, we decided to start producing pieces that could communicate with the market, but still keeping our expression. We created the Swimming Pool tables and the Chain series. From then on, we got more and more interested by the industry and the fabrication processes, and we kept working on open editions series, but also special works such as limited editions and sculptures.

Do you pay a particular attention to environment in the manufacture process of your products?

In Brazil we have a serious problem concerning the exploration of forests, so we are very carefull in the choice of our materials, specially wood. We can not cause any more damage to the environment so we very attentive in the use of certified woods, that we know the origin. 

Also, we’re trying to change our packings to reused or recycled materials. Anyway, we have being talking a lot about it recently, and we’re starting to work on a project that talks about it. We cannot go forward in design without stop and looking at those issues.

Your pieces are powerful. What inspires your creativity?

The Brazilian modern movement is a great inspiration for us, as we were born in Brasília. The masters of modernism are a big influence, like Joaquim Tenreiro, Jorge Zalzupin and Sérgio Rodrigues. As well as the architects who were also designers, like Lina Bo Bardi and Oscar Niemeyer.

How would you best describe your products?

Contemporary, with a strong graphic and sculptural content. We try to keep a very neutral atmosphere, because we want to highlight the precise expression and presence of the products. So we focus on natural and black colors, and on curved and soft shapes.

On the materials side, we really like metal, but we also like to be free to work with other material. Each one is a new discovery. We already worked with many materials, and we’re are planning to go further with it in the next projects.

What design values do you want to represent?

Research, obsession and perseverance.