London design

London design

A land of creativity

London is a rich city, with a multitude of things to discover. A spirit and a creative power overhang this place full of surprises. Mainly known for music and fashion, the English capital is also famous for its interior design. An absolutely fascinating culture.

You only have to walk the streets of the metropolis to realize that art-design is everywhere. Bubbling conducive to the emergence of innovative and collaborative ideas, which turn into incredible pieces.

Today, we offer a selection of brands and designers 100% british!

These London designers who dazzle us


Novocastrian is a collective of designers, craftsmen, architects, metallurgists, artists, welders, manufacturers and engineers.

Its scope is vast as the brand creates custom-made objects and environments, providing exceptional pieces to privileged customers.

Strong and characterful creations, drawn from a cultural heritage linked to the industrial revolution and rehabilitated in our modern era. Believing in the honest beauty of raw and natural materials, metal is the essence of Novocastrian's work. Everything is handmade to order, with passion and integrity, by passionate artistic souls.


Haberdashery is a design studio focused on the lifelong appeal of light, which cultivates a poetic approach to lighting. A skilled team of over 25 people who set themselves the goal of transforming our perception of space, color and form.

Working in diverse, challenging and unique places, Haberdashery offers furniture, sculptures and collectibles. The studio pushes the limits of what is possible through the creative use of the latest technologies and materials, for the development of contemporary and emotional pieces.

A creative process inspired by research and continuous experimentation.

Gareth Neal

Fascinated by the processes, people, and places, Gareth Neal shapes a new era of contemporary British craftsmanship. The designer combines traditional craft methods and advanced technologies better than anyone, to create limited edition objects as mass production pieces.

Gareth Neal adapts to the projects entrusted to him and that he undertakes, perfectly identifying the needs of his users. He particularly enjoys working in collaboration with other artists and artisans, which is a great source of inspiration for him.

In 2010, Gareth Neal wins the prestigious Jerwood Contemprary Makers award.

Buster + Punch

Buster + Punch is a design studio founded in London in 2013 by architect and industrial designer Massimo Buster Minale. Passionate about crafts, metalworking, music and motorcycles, this avant-garde creates a non-conformist brand. A blend of rock and glamor incomparable to any other style in the world of design.

Luxurious but accessible products, a refined but powerful look, a sensual but dramatic look, a diverse but harmonious range, that's what makes the brand so successful today.

“Buster + Punch is a London brand. The company started in a small garage in East London. All of our clients at the beginning were fashion designers, artists and rockstars from London. So we are influenced by them and especially by the London fashion scene - Alexander McQueen for example. The London music scene of the 90s – bands like Blur, Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, have been a huge inspiration, and by the London actual grime scene today – artists like Skepta, Kano, and Stormzy. London is a very inspiring and interesting place. It’s a versatile and rich city.”

Decode London

Founded in 2007 in London by Ryan Malone and Giles Massie-Taylor, Decode London is a brand of contemporary lighting. Decode offers progressive, accessible and functional lighting solutions adapted to commercial and domestic environments.

Thanks to multiple collaborations with designers, architects, artists, master craftsmen and other quality manufacturers, the success of the brand is immediate. The well-established universe of products designed and manufactured by Decode allows it to make the difference and to establish itself on the English market but also more widely on the international scene.

Tom Dixon

Iconic face of the London design scene, Tom Dixon is one of the most respected British talents of his generation. Former rockstar, self-taught, rebellious, Tom Dixon is part of the family of unclassifiable to whom everything smiles.

During his exciting career, Tom Dixon was Artistic Artistic Director at Habitat, awarded the title of "Designer of the Year" in 2006, and exhibited in museums around the world.

Designing and manufacturing furniture, fixtures and decorative accessories, the designer is a believer in copper, raw materials, and industrial geometric shapes. Robust creations, functional and timeless.