Decode London

Decode London

100% made in London design

Decode London is, as its name suggests, a brand steeped in London culture. The neighborhood where it’s based, located in East London, inspires its creativity every day. Lighting design studio founded in 2007 by Ryan Malone and Giles Massie-Taylor, Decode London highlights the talent of many English designers.

The brand has adopted a collaborative approach to design which is successful. Every designer working for Decode London is challenged to influence the future of London and even international design.

A collection of lighting devices that is both aesthetic and functional, acclaimed by the international design community: designers, architects, decorators, or even design enthusiasts. Decode London has been involved in major interior design projects, including clients such as Google, WeWork, Spotify, InterContinental, and Hilton.

Decode London designers

Decode London counts on its team promising designers with infinite potential. Among them: Daniel Schofield, Samuel Wilkinson, John Tree, Benjamin Hubert, Trevelyan Studio, Viewport Studio, and Ed Carpenter.

Having different styles, they come together on one thing: it’s the passion of design that governs their lives. Constantly seeking to push the boundaries of design, Decode London designers are renowned for designing and manufacturing innovative products.

Decode London styles

The Decode London range includes a dozen collections, each available in different models (suspensions, chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps).

We propose you today to discover the selection of our 3 favorites Decode London collections. What sublimate your parts of life!

Vessel (Samuel Wilkinson), a ship in a bottle

Available in several versions, made by a craftsman glassblower, and cut with a diagonal angle, Vessel is an industrial style creation that has character.

Once the lamp is lit, the glass attenuates the light and highlights the unique lines of the Plumen 001 bulb. A graphic game is then played around the light reflection revealing almost holographic forms.

Bulk (Daniel Schofield), a modern interpretation of the traditional wall light

It's all roundness that Bulk differs from classic wall sconces. Adopting a look that is both contemporary, minimalist and elegant, the wall lamp diffuses a particularly pleasant light.

Bulk is available in several colors, in neutral tones (variations from white to black through beige, gray or gold) or more colorful (yellow, blue).

Carbon Copy (John Tree), a game of bright reflective qualities of anodising

The lightweight aluminium sheet is formed through laser cutting and spinning to create a range of precisely detailed pendant and table top fittings.

Produced in anodised aluminium, the collection comes in a range of sizes, finishes as well as pendant and table versions making it a versatile solution to any interior.

With a traditional bulb fitting at the centre of the intersecting geometry further flexibility is achieved.