Celebrate exterior light in your interior

Based in East London, Haberdashery is a design studio specializing in lighting, and more specifically poetic lighting. A sensory approach to design that seduces.

Haberdashery believes with conviction that light has a power of transformation on the world, helping to transform the experiences of spaces that everyone can occupy. Through research and experimentation, the brand is brimming with ideas that take the form of iconic sculptures, limited edition collectibles and contemporary products.

Haberdashery luminaires are adjustable, allowing you to adapt the intensity of the light diffused according to your moods and your needs.

Awarded many times for its innovation, the studio deploys its know-how around the world. In just a few years, Haberdashery has been awarded more than 450 projects in more than 30 different countries.

A transformed perception of space, color and shape

It is a team of more than 25 people qualified in different fields (drawing, engineering, research, manufacturing) that unites its skills to produce products of incomparable quality. Products at the crossroads of art and design, made with love, sincerity, and integrity.

The development of these contemporary luminaires is done through the creative use of the latest technologies and materials.

Bright lighting

Dawn to dusk lamp floor

Dawn to Dusk is a lamp that changes color by sliding up and down on a central black stem mounted on a thick triangular base. Result: a mix of light sources to create a deep red, and a realistic transition to white light.

Even better than a sunset or sunrise, this Haberdashery model offers an absolutely unique show.

Leaf sculpture

Leaf is a sculpture made of hand-finished leaves, which create an impressive number of shapes reflecting light from different surfaces to form subtle shadows.

With 14K gold and platinum finishes, Leaf is perfect in multiple space configurations.

Canopy luminaires collection

Evoking the memory of a spotted light falling through a forest, Canopy is an LED light made from blown glass and crystal. A very technical, reliable and nostalgic luminaire.

Available in pendant and floor lamp, the collection provides a quality light, and brings a feeling of escape.