Interview with Bianca Barbato

Interview with Bianca Barbato

I'm free. Free to create what I want, when I want, where I want, with my own signature, my own language, my own energy.”

A self-taught designer with a passion for design from an early age, Bianca Barbato opened her own studio in Rio de Janeiro in 2008 and moved to Sao Paulo. She begins to make prototypes with the sole purpose of exploring materials, production techniques, lighting and transparency. Her studio is gaining momentum and her creations are propelled into many projects.

It is with love and enthusiasm that the young designer designs and develops collections of furniture, lighting and decorative accessories, intended for both residential and professional spaces.

We had the chance to met her in her studio, and ask her few questions to learn more about her business.

How do you work?

I'm running away from the routine. I like exploring different materials and techniques. I love challenges. I am usually involved in every step of creating a new product, from the search for the process and the material, through the drawing to the final fabrication. This can range from limited editions to industrial lines, manufactured and marketed by larger factories.

The only thing that matters to me is to design elaborate pieces, quality, and with a taste for detail.

What message do you want to convey through your creations?

Everyone has a unique way of interpreting what they see. I can not describe you in a totally objective way my creations, because they do not marry a particular style. Similarly, I refuse to lock myself into a category of products.

My collections are therefore not alike, but keep one thing in common: they arouse emotions, feelings, instincts.

What do you think of the brazilian design scene?

Brazilian design is a particular style that encompasses both a specific production of materials and a creative language in a global context.

Tell us more about one of the projects you have realized.

I was contacted to realize the furnishing project of the very famous and hotel side Four Seasons of Sao Paulo. Result: 90 luminaries in the main hall, totaling more than 4300 suspensions inspired by antique crystal chandeliers.