Brazilian design

Brazilian design

Let’s go to Brazil!

A few days ago, our team visited this beautiful pool of South American creation, in search of new design marvels.

So we dropped our suitcases in Rio de Janeiro, then Sao Paulo, hoping to make some great discoveries.

The least we can say is that we were not disappointed with the trip. Brazil is a place rich in resources, innovation and crafts. The designers we met amazed us with their talent, kindness and ambition. A potential that deserves to be exploited across the Atlantic.

Back to the images of our trip, which allowed us to find sumptuous pieces and to exchange with the designers of tomorrow.


The Arquivo showroom in Rio de Janeiro is a Brazilian furniture history course. We were able to admire exclusive pieces from the biggest names in contemporary national design, as well as creations by young talents. The furniture and lighting are exposed as true artworks.

"We have created a real national design gallery", says João Caetano, the brand's director.

Brunno Jahara

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brunno Jahara studied industrial design at the University of Brasilia, before moving to Italy to study architecture at the University of Venice. These travels, mixed with his own "chaotic contribution of Brazilian design" forged his signature: a distinct and multicultural flavors mix.

Ardent defender of a new Brazilian design scene, Brunno Jahara helps his country, strong in contrasts, to build its own identity of design.

Bianca Barbato

A self-taught designer of furniture and accessories, Bianca Barbato opened her studio in 2008, based in Sao Paulo. Her creations are as much using traditional methods as they are more advanced technologies. Her main influences and inspirations come from her curiosity about her environment.

The pieces signed by Bianca Barbato stir memories, celebrations, instincts. They have a certain power over those who contemplate them, and an aesthetic from another era.

A lot of Brasil

Founded in 2012 by Pedro Franco, A lot of Brasil is a collective of designers based on the concept of Glocality (global + local).

The studio offers pieces designed by designers from around the world, developed from a briefing that explores the Brazilian design.


Lattoog is more than just a name. Behind the brand are architect Leonardo Lattavo and designer Pedro Moog. With two different but complementary academic horizons, they develop an unique and innovative vision of design.

Lattoog designs functional objects that combine harmonious, sinuous and organic lines with geometric and atypical shapes, without ever giving up the symbolic elements of Brazil, such as wooden floors and ceramic tiles. Intuitive, poetic, and artistic creations.


Cremme represents the mixture of cultures, as well as the purity and simplicity of things well done.

The studio brings to Brazilian design something truly special: the talent of designers from around the world, who develop exclusive pieces to bring to life sophisticated, elegant, timeless and inspiring spaces.

Estudio Rain

The design studio is formed by Ricardo Innecco and Mariana Ramos, respectively architect and product designer. Rain designs and manufactures furniture, lighting and objects, in collaboration with other Brazilian and international brands.

Developing limited editions through which a strong graphic and sculptural content stands out, their work was quickly noticed.