Marble deco trend

Marble deco trend

Marble fever

It is always at the forefront of the scene. 

Elegant, bold, luxurious, but above all timeless, marble is a material that resists all fashions, without ever losing its radiance and without ever getting tired of it. Known for its unique qualities, and coming always stronger to our interiors and exteriors. In subtle touches or conversely in total look, the contrasting or softer shades of marble are at the origin of noble, delicate and muffled atmospheres. 

In the fashionable shades such as antique pink, emerald green, or petroleum blue, marble may also dress itself with sober and basic colors just as black or white. 

Cold material at first sight, in combinaison with warm materials as wood or leather, marble gives a design atmosphere to the spaces is occupied. The card of contemporary and originality can also be played by associating marble with leather or even brass. Other advantage: it’s a sturdy and easy care material. 

No matter what room, what type of decoration, from classique to very modern, the chromatic shades of marble make their effect and embrace our spaces! Inviting to our tables, lighting, or even more our fine objects, the marble is a true must-have. Breaking codes, mixing tradition and innovation, and perfect our living rooms, kitchens, or our bathrooms. 

A chic and authentic look

Associate to pure and minimalist lines, the marble is a mineral imbued of elegance and refinement. Associate to natural and raw materials, it’s its authentic look that is bring to the fore. The mixture of light and dark marbles for a chiaroscuro effect that avoids a certain monotonous uniformity. Intense value, a glimpse of eternity, a source of inspiration. You can not miss it!

Far from bowing out, marble in all its forms and colors continues to appeal to architects, interior designers and other interior design enthusiasts. The designers love to work and transform this iconic material.

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