Interview Gosia Korycka / Un'common

Interview Gosia Korycka / Un'common

Gosia Korycka had a brillant career in architecture. She notably participate at the construction of the new train station of Łódź, one of the biggest project in Europe at this time. This accomplishment and her desire to create led her to founded Un’common in 2016.

Co-founder of this innovative design studio, today she answer to our questions in a special interview about her path, inspirations and projects. 

How is born Un’common?

I co-founded Un’common with Maciek. We design and manufacture furnitures from the finest from the finest components such as marble, brass and steel. Even if we use latest technologies our products are all handmade with traditional methods that come consolidate the timeless beauty of marble. We knew at the beginning that our pieces will be uncommon: hence the name of the brand. 

Today, we’re a family company in full development. 

Why did you choose the marble as the basis of your artistic signature? 

Indeed, it all began with our fascination for marble. Marble is a beautiful, noble and a very interesting material to work with.

The various types and colors of marble that existing allow us to make each product unique. 

Your collections are elegant, refined and subtle. Can you tell us a bit more about it?

Our first collection Pattern was a contemporary reinterpretation of the Art & Deco movement. What makes these products so unique are precise geometrical patterns that we created by connecting different kind of marble. 

Our collection Form in which every details matter, is all about rounded corners and lifted marble tops. This collection was inspired by local, modernistic tenements in our hometown. We presented it during the London Design Fair, we had a lot of positive feedbacks on it. We’re very proud of it because there is nothing more exciting for a designer than know that his work meets the expectations of his clients.

Thanks to the materials we use and our artisanal know-how, our furnitures are elegant and luxurious, however their shapes are simple and harmonious. That’s why our products perfectly match many types of interiors, classic as modern.

We have always been deeply committed to the aesthetics of black and white, but this year we are stepping outside our comfort zone with our first colorful collection: Terrazo!

Where do you draw your inspirations? 

What is crucial in the creation of new collections is to have a real starting point. It can be an inspiration, a material or a technology.

We try to take advantage of our environment. Our hometown is a very inspiring place! Furthermore, our workshop is located in one of Łódź's creative spaces. We are therefore surrounded by other local brands and designers. This is why we are able to cooperate and keep in touch with different types of art and design. It’s very motivating to see how other designers work and how they develop their skills and their brands. It is essential to remain open to new feelings and spontaneous ideas, which come to us anywhere and anytime.

Which personalities inspire you? 

Mies Van Der Rohe, considered as one of the pioneers of modernism. We admire his work, especially the architecture.

We also like the work of Charles and Ray Eames. We believe with conviction in his quote “the uncommon beauty of common things!".

How do you see the future of Un’common?

In 2019 we are focusing on the Terrazzo collection, which focuses on color and freshness. Through the products in this collection, we want to bring an Italian holiday atmosphere to the interiors.

One of our dreams would be to realize a project with a large hotel for which we could design a complete and customized collection.

We believe that the best is yet to come!