STRAF Hotel&Bar

STRAF Hotel&Bar

Art work signed Vincenzo de Cotiis

« See STRAF as an installation, a concept which formed the basis for the choice of materials associated with contemporary art, such as ‘Arte Povera’, whilst the way I have used them stems from a design method which is deeply linked to the ethics and aesthetics of recycling objects and placing them in new surroundings. » - Vincenzo de Cotiis.

Only few steps away from the symbolic Duomo cathedral and the mythic opera La Scala, Straf is located in the heart of the beautiful city Milan. A hotel that proves to be a monument in its own right, thanks in particular to its history and unusual architecture.

The hotel has been thought by the Italian architect and fashion designer Vincenzo de Cotiis, who made of it a true large-scale art work. It is through concrete elements, oxidized brass and cleaved slate parts, burnished copper, aged mirrors, cement, iron and textured glass that a warm and elegant atmosphere emerges.

Brain and sensory design installations for a classic but original design, raw but refined, traditional but innovative. A hotel that surprises and stands out from the others by its soul.

The architecture

To design the Straf hotel, Vincenzo de Cotiis chose minimalism but with a grandiose and luxurious approach, all within the walls of a 19th century palace. The urban style and materials used are reminiscent of the Arte Povera movement of the 1960s and 1970s, which promoted non-traditional organic materials, including slate and wood.

As a designer worthy of the name, de Cotiis knows that beauty is found in the smallest details. Nothing is left to chance, and all the furniture has been handcrafted and made to measure.

The rooms 

Vincenzo de Cotiis has created night spaces combining new and recycled materials. A concept that revolutionizes the interior by creating a striking alternative to the standard design of a hotel room. Textured paintings that bring depth to the industrial interior of the rooms, which is cold at first glance.

The 64 hotel rooms offer a light and dark color palette and breathe intimacy, all within subtle but strong industrial design references. 

7 of them include a massage chair and 5 others have a "well-being" universe. All rooms also offer refined textiles, unusual bathrooms and mirror surfaces.

An invitation to think about the world that surrounds us

Straf hotel is known and renowned thanks to its architecture and high range services, but not only. Its owner, Sarah Mancino, wanted to make it a meaningful place, and to convey a message to all those who would come to stay in the hotel.

Straf brilliantly draws everyone's attention to the challenges of certain major problems, with an exhibition entitled "The Side of the Sea in Plastic", featuring works made from degraded plastic from the ocean.

« If each of us made one small change, the global impact would be huge » reminds us Sarah Mancino. A clear call to action.