Outdoor design

Outdoor design

The beautiful days give you desires of freshness?

Balcony, terrace, garden... revamp, redecorate and reshape your outdoor space to your image!

A space designed to feel good and to fully enjoy this season conducive to shared moments outdoors.

Gandia Blasco

Gandia Blasco is a brand of modern outdoor furniture. It designs and manufactures modern, durable and elegant outdoor furniture for all outdoor spaces, including the garden, terrace, pool and beach.

Its ambition? Focus on culture, innovation and creativity, following exchanges between designers from different cultures.


Founded in 1882, Gervasoni is a brand currently managed by the third generation of the family with Giovanni and Michele Gervasoni. Aesthetic canons and production techniques have changed over the years. But not the passion for the beautiful and the way for the rules of art.

The collaboration with highly qualified designers such as Paola Navone, Marco Piva, and Michael Sodea, guarantees the aesthetic quality of the products as well as the uninterrupted experimentation of new materials.


The history of IP44 begins in Rheda-Wiedenbr├╝ck, East Westphalia, and in a family business that has been advising its sophisticated lighting customers for three generations. Time and time again, they face the same problem: no exterior luminaire is satisfactory, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. That's when they start developing their own devices: IP44 comes to life.

Today, these outdoor lights warm the hearts of customers not only in Rheda-Wiedenbr├╝ck but also throughout Europe, the United States and even Asia.

Paola Lenti

Since 1994, the company Paola Lenti adopts a studio concept focused on experimentation and research. Creations based on opposites that attract with simplicity and measure: past and present, outside and inside, tradition and technology.

Works where metal and wood structures coexist, designed to withstand the passage of time. Unique designs in appearance and performance, where choice of materials and simplicity of form are fundamental.

Verena Hennig

Verena Hennig is a creative director and an entrepreneur working in Germany. After studying at the Nuremberg Academy of Fine Arts, Hennig worked for Google Creative Lab London as well as renowned law firms such as the Sagmeister & Walsh design agency in New York.

Since 2012, through the creation of his own studio, Hennig has been exploring and developing progressive design solutions for a more sustainable future by combining the fields of art, architecture and design.

The studio has gained an international reputation in the creation of design projects with exceptional sensory perceptions, investigating the issues of our daily lives.