Interior design trends / Spring-summer 2019

Interior design trends / Spring-summer 2019

The days lengthen, the flowers bloom, the fruits begin to ripen. A sweet scent of spring and summer is in the air and gives us desires for change, which are also illustrated in our living spaces.

Let's explore and decipher together the interior decoration and furnishing trends that will make this season's beautiful days!

Natural materials

Less is more. The elements made from natural materials such as wood, cork, bamboo or slate, with simple and clean lines, and wearing sober colors will be in the spotlight. Atmosphere soft, pure and warm guaranteed.

Mix & Match

In both fashion and interior design, the Mix & Match is a trend not to be missed this season. More than ever, it's time to mix plain with pattern, to play with colors, or to play on combinations of materials and styles, while maintaining balance, consistency, harmony in all.


Velvet is making a comeback. It was also a trend in small or larger touch in our interiors this winter, and will continue its momentum by winning in our spaces this summer. Sofa, armchair, cushion... choose the timeless elegance of velvet!

Mustard yellow

A color that comes to awaken your interiors! Associated with pale pink, indigo blue or bright white, the mustard yellow is a warm color that is a sensation in any living room and no matter the style of decoration.


Minimalist lines, tapered table legs and elegant simplicity are the basis of the Mid Century style. In the same living room, we can only advise you to limit yourself to a few colors and their nuances, and let the shapes of your rooms make their effect.


Ceramic organic style with light patterns and a craft element will be adequate this summer, especially for your outdoor environments with pots and vases.


After the ultra violet in 2018, it is the coral which has just been elected Pantone color of the year. A color that animates your spaces. This tone, on the border between pink and orange, may appear initially difficult to apprehend, but is in fact soft and easy to marry. You can decide to adopt it in small touches with a decorative object, a chair or a bed linen, or more imposing with a sofa, an armchair or a wall.


Adding fringed elements is a great way to make your spaces more fun and more summery. A bohemian effect that is reminiscent of art deco and seduces more and more. A sense of sophistication of the old world introduced into the present.


Concrete is a material that gives any room a refinement that is both robust and timeless. A material that has character and attracts the eye with its imposing, raw and modern appearance.