Trendy finishes: brass, steel, copper

Trendy finishes: brass, steel, copper

Since a few years, we are solicited by many decorative elements with metallic finishes.

Real trend, steel, brass and copper settle more and more in our interiors same as in our environment.

A little history

Before being used as a ornamental finish, these metals (or alloys) have above all the physical properties that characterize their primary use. Indeed, steel, an alloy composed of iron and carbon, offers a metallic grey finish. Brass, resulting from the blend of copper and zinc, brings the golden note. Finally, copper is one of the only metals naturally colored and gives this kind of pink tone.

Therefore, their composition generates technical characteristics which are unique to them. It permitted to find them in the vintage interiors. Electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, raw material of machining parts or robust material, their finishing value was very little established. We founded steel in building structures or pipes, brass in gas fittings or laminates and copper in pipes or dishes.

In the 30s, these three materials mixing in an interior brought a purely industrial style: Eiffel structure, rough finishes, kitchen with apparent utensils and furniture legs details. But today, these codes return to the front of the scene for their aesthetic characteristics.

Metallic finishes, more than a trend!

Though design and interior design, steel, brass and copper are used as main materials or complementary materials for their essential finishes. Between brilliance, light and heat, these metals and alloys lead to a high-end ornamental finish.

In architecture, we find these metal finishes as siding for example. Specially treated to resist erosion and last in time, copper or steel siding can be shaped to provide different forms: curved, perforated, ribbed, corrugated or grooved. In our interiors, Integration possibilities of these finishing are also very vast. From now on, they are adapted to all decoration styles, from the industrial style, its origin, to the Scandinavian style, through the classic or the contemporary styles.

At first, we can find them, as dressings, wall claddings or cloisters. With wallpapers, metal plates or credence, a radiant and elegant effect adorns walls, chimneys and kitchens.

Meanwhile, furniture now proudly wears these metal finishes, partially - legs of different types of tables, sofas, armchairs or chairs - or in totality - tables, tables, chairs.

Lightings, as flamboyant as they may be when they are lighted, are as bright in daylight thanks to their pink, gold, silver, shiny or brushed finishes. Modern or minimalist, Art-deco aesthetic or industrial look, brass, steel and copper are likely to meet all codes.

Accessories also include these materials: patterned or all-metal table services, modern or baroque mirrors, minimalist vases, many vibrant compositions are possible.

Voligne's favorites for Workshoptonic

The interior design of the Tribeca Lobby at 53 Park Place in New York by Nishila Sabharwal with Harlow lighting collection by Gabriel Scott. Back to the classic Art Deco era with graphic touches.

The Speculum Collection by AYTM, Modern cubes add-on tables for a chic signature.

The entrance installation signed UrbanCraft. Minimalism between a curves and materials game.

The Priy Lamps collection from Position Collective. Material, effects and textures mix for harmonious and colored lighting.

Tom Dixon Tea & Coffee Service. Full gold for an elegant sharing time.

Written by Voligne for Workshoptonic