Bethan Gray

Bethan Gray

An outstanding designer with an instinctive talent

Bethan Gray quickly made a name for herself in the luxury interior design market. Playing an important role in the contemporary style, the young woman won a Habitat Innovation Award at the annual New Designers fair, and received four Elle Decoration British Design awards, including the coveted Best British Designer.

Bethan Gray has a particular fondness for woodworking, a love passed on by her grandfather when she was a child. But she also likes to design pieces from other noble materials, such as marble or leather.

Bethan Gray is ambitious, daring and passionate. In 2008 she founded her own design studio. She creates and develops dozens of collections of furniture and accessories, always displaying a geometric, refined and almost monastic appearance. Simplicity guides his design work, but each creation has an element that prevents it from appearing bland. The proportions are always well respected, the lines are precise, and the chosen color palette is harmonious. The patterns are hand drawn to capture their natural imperfections, and then meticulously executed through artisanal processes.

Bethan Gray is a whole: the taste for detail, the sense of aesthetics, the need for functionality. A design appreciated by the greatest architects and interior designers of the world. His pieces can be found at Harrods, Liberty London or Lane Crawford.

A powered inspiration of her travels

"I love to travel and I am often inspired by the art and history of the places I visit." Bethan Gray draws her imagination from the cultures with which she is impregnated.

Born to a Scottish father and a Welsh mother, Bethan Gray has always been hungry for discovery. She multiplies journeys and goes to India, Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and South America to open up to other cultures.

A knowledge of the world and an open mind that allows her to innovate, both in her way of thinking and in her way of manufacturing. She wishes to celebrate the work of the talented and competent artists and craftspeople she meets on her way.

Collections that tell a history

Every product in every collection signed by Bethan Gray starts with a real story.


All the pieces of the Band collection include a brass circle covering a marble top, revealing a two-tone effect echoing the Siena Cathedral. The tables have elegant legs in solid brass and powder coated. The making of each model is done by hand in the UK, Italian marble is cut in London and the feet are turned, brushed and finished by Norfolk artisans.


The Stud collection consists of tables and mirrors inspired by a medieval door studded with the Siena Cathedral. The tables have feet drawn in the characteristic silhouette of Bethan Gray. The seams are visible, which reflects the craftsmanship. The pieces are handcrafted in the UK, leather in London, while solid brass or stainless steel feet are turned, brushed and finished by Norfolk artisans.


Inspired by the rounded castellations of Nizwa Fort in Oman and the shaded color effect of the sunlight that passes through them, Italian maple veneers are dyed immediately after being cut from the tree. gives deeper and richer colors. The shadows are created by hand, with a technique mastered by craftsmen in Muscat. Each door contains 108 individual elements in solid brass, copper or nickel and 188 "petals" in maple veneer.


The tables Lustre offer a reinterpretation of Dhow's intricate pattern, originally inspired by Oman's distinctive inflated sail veils, and its striped pattern inspired by the 13th-century Persian chandelier bowls. Created in Stoke-on-Trent, cradle of British ceramics, fine porcelain and 24-carat gold, whose appeal and radiance can not be reproduced with any other material, each piece takes 12 days to make and is not possible only by hand.