California design

California design

Adopt the pacific touch

We looked forward to them. The beautiful days start to show up!

A perspective that gives us desires for freshness, colors, light materials. And what's better than the Californian style to fill these new desires of decoration and furnishing? Folk, bohemian and whimsical, the California dream sublimates spaces in a way that is both simple and surprising.

Today, we present the Californian trends that will prevail in your interiors this season. The goal? Take inspiration from the West Coast to bring the sun into your home and offer you a small dose of American dream.

Go to the city of angels to decode a style that appeals to the world!

Keys trends of Californian design

Immaculate white for a relaxing atmosphere

A must-have for the Californian style, white favors natural light and expands the space it projects.

White wall, white sofa, white chairs, white sheets, this tone goes with everything and allows to put forward other more fanciful elements.

Rattan and wood for the warm side

This is a strong trend of California decoration, which can go through the choice of a large wooden table, a rattan mirror of the 60s, or the famous rattan hanging chair.

Natural and exotic materials, wood and rattan are perfect for a cozy and authentic spirit.

Plants for the nature touch

The more there are, the more you are in the theme! Because of the weather, in California, the outdoor is as important as the interior, and interior looks like outdoor.

So don’t skimp on plants, especially on cactus and palm leaves, which bring the plant and exotic touch. A little (if not a lot) of green to brighten your home.

Colored crockery to cook healthy

Who says California necessarily says healthy food! And we don’t do it any way there.

You can concoct your avocado toast, burger, or vegan pokebowl in colored ceramic crockery. A natural, simple and brilliant result.

Prints to remind the American heritage

Beyond its industrial chairs, its cozy white sofa, and its rattan armchair - which is found in many other styles of decoration - what distinguishes especially the Californian style is its multiculturality.

It’s not surprising when we know the history of the United States, marked by immigration. A rich culture that is also found in the interior design, with a multitude of ethnic, Aztec and bohemian objects and fabrics.

Workshoptonic selection

Discover our selection of brands and designers established on the West Coast, who design pieces (furniture, lighting, accessories) California style par excellence!