Manza / Patrick Cain Designs

Manza / Patrick Cain Designs

A new modular, polyvalent and colorful collection

There’s something new at Patrick Cain Designs ! The Californian designer has designed a piece suitable for multiple uses. A pedestal that can be used as a side table, coffee table, plant stand, stool or pot for a plant by turning it over.  A creation that can be adapted to both indoor and outdoor environments.

What about design and conception? Manza is made of a base made of concrete and recycled polystyrene, has adjustable plastic feet, and is fully customizable.

You can freely choose the color(s) of the pedestal. For a harmonious result, Patrick Cain still recommends that you choose two or three colors maximum, including white, grey or black for a better result in terms of shading.

You can also choose the height of the Manza pedestal, which measures between 18.5 and 19" (depending on the degree of foot adjustment) at the origin. If you want to increase it, it will be necessary to manufacture a new mould for an extra charge.

A studio with an industrial, minimalist and authentic design

Since 2013, Patrick Cain Designs has been crafting handmade designs that evoke the unity of urban sprawl with the natural world. 

Patrick Cain Designs furniture lives and breathes the essence of American life: natural order and modern technology, finally together. All PCD furniture is designed, manufactured and created in Los Angeles by skilled craftsmen from all over the world. 

The Patrick Cain Designs collective collaborates to offer the world the best design in furniture, lifestyle, design and well-being. Environmentally friendly furniture at affordable prices, designed to last and evolve with you. 



The studio uses the best metals from Los Angeles. It works and transforms the material in order to offer simple, sturdy and sophisticated pieces. 


Patrick Cain Designs also uses concrete, as in his Manza collection. A result as modern as original.


Patrick Cain Designs' artistic signature is also illustrated by the use of wooden elements. Elements that allow you to gain in style on the one hand and contribute to the protection of our planet on the other.