Estudio Persona

Estudio Persona

A multicultural and multidisciplinary studio

« Our culture is above all rural and European, inherited from our Scottish, Italian and Spanish ancestors with very British winters ». Emiliana Gonzales, industrial designer, and Jessie Young, conceptual artist, form a striking duo.


Both Uruguayans and passionate about interior design, they founded Estudio Persona. The two friends draw their inspiration from their roots to create collections that reflect an explosive multicultural heritage. Their visions of things are complementary and make the charm of their works, characterized by a minimalism in constant evolution.

The two young women’s creations evoke natural shapes, sculptural lines and sober color palettes. Natural materials are privileged, and transformed in a way that creates an explosive contrast between leather, wood, steel and glass. The pieces by Estudio Persona are both soft and strong, but above all full of history, meaning and emotions

Based in the heart of Los Angeles since 2014, their studio is spacious and bright to let their imagination fully express itself and innovate daily. 

Beautiful and functional, modern and powerful collections

The objects designed and manufactured by Estudio Persona refer to both space and body. Gone are the bright colors that are emblematic of Latin America, their furniture has neutral tones.

The brand stands out in its lines and design forms, particularly atypical but always harmonious


Flow is a fusional set of curves that summarizes the philosophy of space of the Uruguayan design duo. Available in furniture (sofa, table and stool) but also in lighting in the the form of a wall lamp. Flow is a monochrome collection in constant movement that allows particularly interesting light and shadow effects

Vol. 1

The Vol 1 collection is quite complete and therefore includes several models. The Una set consists of a large wooden dining table with thick cylindrical legs and a maple side chair. The backrest of the chair corresponds to the shape of the table legs, but turned upside down at 90 degrees and covered with leather. There is also a cylinder in the Puru side table, joining the ends of a bent stainless steel section. The Nido chair, available in several colors, is made of a shell covered with curved leather. 


Segment includes a series of pieces that aim to break down a homogeneous piece and raise the question of the production of several products themselves composed of different segments.