Paul Ketz

Paul Ketz

A fun and playful interior design approach

"The function of design is not always to solve problems, it can also offer options, tell stories, amaze and trigger emotions.”

Native from Germany and now based in Istanbul, Paul Ketz is a young designer that believes in value and power of game. Kid, he wanted to become inventor. A need of creativity that led him to study design then to open his own studio. And he has lost nothing of his child soul and adventurous side. 

He likes to play with his ideas and experiment with materials, colors and shapes to create unique and inspiring pieces. His philosophy : world dont’ need to be boring to be serious. Paul Ketz's imagination develops everywhere, all the time. Attentive to his environment, any situation can inspire him.

The creations of this passionate person have a real emotional value, appeal to our sensations, stimulate our ways of thinking. Paul Ketz challenges design codes and designs innovative and functional furniture.

His works have been exhibited at the Dutch Design Week and the Istanbul Design Biennial.

Modern, colorful and original creations


Marshmallow is a new generation soft foam bar stool that looks almost too perfect to sit on. It is available in two different sizes.

Each piece is unique because no mould is used to make this stool. The foam expands through the metal structure. Due to this natural expansion, it looks smooth and soft at the same time.

In yellow and pink, black, purple and white, chrome and light blue, or ivory and brown, the Marshmallow stool never goes unnoticed.

Crash Cabinet

The hypnotic beauty of destruction. Paul Ketz broke the Crash Cabinet with the impact of vehicles and large rocks into a single object. Because of the joyful violence, the boundaries between hard and soft fade away and the texture of the steel uses textiles.

Sunny Side Up

Sunny Side Up is an atypical reflective wall sculpture. A sculpture that stands out from all the others thanks to its fun and captivating aesthetics.