Swedish Ninja

Swedish Ninja

An innovative and traditional Scandinavian design

After years of experiences in interior design with several companies, it’s in 2007 that Maria Gustavsson founded her own studio. Swedish Ninja is an independent design studio for high-end furniture, lighting and accessories. It thinks and manufactures with passion and know-how.

The young designer has a style of her own. She likes to associate her own influences with the collaborations she has developed to create a catalogue of unique, authentic and incredibly high quality pieces. The Swedish Ninja team is made up of skilled and talented designers and craftsmen, who share their individual design visions to move forward together in the same artistic direction. Swedish Ninja's top designers include Jenny Nordberg, Petra Lilja, Olga Bielawska, Andréason & Leibel, and Katrin Greiling.

The studio develops its creativity through harmonious, minimalist and above all daring lines, while meeting the primary requirement of product functionality. A strong personality emerges from the brand's works, notably due to the mix of contemporary and classic, an extremely interesting color palette and noble materials and original craftsmanship. Swedish Ninja has only one goal: to provoke emotions through its creations.

A sense of aesthetics straight from the East that appeals to people all over the world, and allows architects and interior designers to create innovative and refined living spaces.

Emblematic and eclectic collections

Here is our selection of Swedish Ninja pieces, which will awaken and enhance your environments.

C.Lamp wall lamp

C. Lamp wall lamps are playful, mischievous and elegant at the same time. You can play with the different positions and ways of combining them for a different effect.

Little Darling table lamp

Maria is little, Magnus, her husband is tall. Striking difference that inspires the young designer for the design of this table lamp. A joyful and funny piece. 

Zick Zack table

Zick Zack is a table that can be used as a coffee table or side table. The graphic lines of the creation allow to create geometric patterns according to the light and shadow effects. 

Notebook cabinet

A piece of character. Designed to adapt to multiple uses, the Notebook furniture has a fun and original look. Store your belongings, use them as libraries, highlight your most beautiful photos.