A New-Yorker design brand that surprises

"The smallest wins are the best", said Jason Horvath, who feels he succeeds as Uhuru begins to grow. Indeed, Uhuru quickly established itself as one of the most innovative design firms in the United States.

Founded in 2004 by Jason Horvath and Bill Hilgendorf in the heart of Red Hook, Brooklyn, Uhuru is a multidisciplinary design studio. The brand designs and manufactures high-end furniture in a former 1850 brick and wood warehouse.

It is known for offering objects with timeless design as well as to be inked with a view to sustainable development. Uhuru has been involved in a materials reuse project that includes the recovery and manual labor of wood from the Coney Island Drive and Kentucky bourbon distilleries as well as recycled materials. Of exceptional quality, each piece is made from the studio and handmade by the best designers and artists, true creators of tastes.

In addition to works from the permanent collections of the Smithsonian Institution and the Brooklyn Museum, Uhuru has collaborated with the leading brands and the largest interior design firms to design and build furniture and design projects. more crazy than others. Offices, hotels, restaurants or more conceptual projects, all projects signed Uhuru have met with great success.

Jason Horvath is particularly proud of the creation of Vice Media's offices, a project that led them to sell products for office automation.

Products of exceptional quality

The range offered by the brand is wide, including tables, beds, chairs, stools, sofas, storage and mirrors.

We present you today a selection of Uhuru creations, pieces that adapt perfectly to any environment (professional or private) and / or style of decoration.

Tube, a reference of bar stool

Inspired by the streamlined appearance and engineering of piping systems and industrial ducts, the Tube line explores soft silhouettes. The range is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, with easy stacking capabilities. Available in a wide range of finishes.

Tack End, futurist and minimalist tables

These hand-blackened steel side tables express the style of Donald Judd and Tadao Ando in shapes that blend with a variety of uses. Refined and imposing, the Tack End tables are a celebration of the simplicity of an object and an elegant addition to any living room.

Boardwalk, an authentic dining table

The Boardwalk Dining Table uses a reclaimed wood from Coney Island with a rugged blackened steel base. This wood, installed for the first time in the late 1940's, has been resistant to sun, salt and snow for 70 years. Uhuru has restored the original beauty of this wood and has developed with a unique palette of warm tones at each table.

Waterline, a mirror full of history

Characterizing the calm after the storm, the Waterline mirror was designed for the first anniversary of Hurricane Sandy. Red Hook being one of the most affected neighborhoods in New York City, its design is a tribute to the aftermath of the storm. The subtle transition from wood to metal and the simple mirror effect on smoky gray create a division of the elements, a striking atmospheric change.