Hotel Americano / New-York

Hotel Americano / New-York

The artistic celebration of contemporary and globalization

"We are a neutral space in an area full of art galleries" - Carlos Couturier, co-owner of the Americano hotel.

The hotel Americano is located in Chelsea area of Manhattan, right in the heart of the world's best art galleries. A hotel designed to take advantage of all the energy of the crazy city of New York, while staying in a relaxing space.

The result of the collaboration between two talents - the Mexican architect Enrique Norten and the French designer Arnaud Montigny -, the Americano hotel offers original amenities and exceptional services.

The roof of the hotel, accessible by an outdoor lift, offers a unique panoramic view overlooking New York. This includes a swimming pool, which is particularly appreciated by the hotel's residents.

An escape in the most successful New-York district

Enrique Norten transformed an old covered parking garage in Chelsea into a 10-story glass and metal mesh hotel nods. He created a sophisticated facade, almost industrial, in order to evoke the history of the district, which opens on a space at the same time calm and dynamic. Bold and ambitious choices.

An area with two restaurants (one on the roof and one on the ground floor), coffee shop in the lobby, and two bars in the basement.

Indoor design directed to japanese minimalism

Arnaud Montigny wanted to recreate a warm atmosphere through the interior design of the hotel.

Influenced by his work in Tokyo, the rooms of the hotel are made from natural materials, are lit with soft light fixtures, have white walls, beds on wooden platforms, and floors in concrete. The padding is leather, and the textiles come from the brand Fog.

Associations that work, for an original and harmonious design that inspires a feeling of immediate well-being.