Minimalist design

Minimalist design

Less is more : focus on minimalist trend

« Simplicity is extreme sophistication » - Leonard de Vinci.

Born in the trendy New York galleries of the 1960s, minimalism is a design that focuses on the essential, that does without superfluous to achieve a form of the absolute.

Characterized by pure lines, neutral colors and discreet and functional pieces, the minimalist style is a symbol of quality, sobriety and elegance. The material is reduced to a minimum, curves are almost non-existent and detours are avoided. We are looking for subtle nuance rather than blatant contrast, to free up space and enhance the value of light. We choose white, grey, black objects made from lacquered wood, glass or metal. 

Pushed to the extreme, the objective of minimalism is almost to confuse furniture with the horizon. A need and a desire for harmony, space, transparency.

Minimalism is an art form of truth, devoid any subjective interpretation between linearity and continuity. A style that appeals to and inspires many designers. Minimalism has indeed taken its rightful place in the world of housing in recent years and is still booming. 

These interior design brands that are part of the slow deco world

Minimalism is therefore expressed through light and airy pieces with straight lines and noble materials, for a functional and simple design (at least in appearance). A choice made by many international designers and architects, who, thanks to minimalism create contemporary, delicate and soothing atmosphere. 

We present you today our brands and creations crushes that sublimate this emblematic design.

 Mingardo, italian metal carpentry

AYTM, a new approach to danish design

Studio Endo, innovative american lighting

Yield design, elegance from Florida

Philippe Malouin, London designer who learned from the famous Tom Dixon

Alex Earl, timeless and bold collections made in Australia

Herrenhuis, belgian tables that get style